digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

The internet, precisely 'Google' is where everyone goes to search everything they want. Whether you are offering services, products or just information, we will ensure that your website's name comes on top each and every time your audience searches for something. On the journey to help you own the search results, we will audit your website to discover the areas of improvement and according to the result, we will prepare a unique optimization plan for your website which will help you dominate the search results and derive the numbers you've been waiting to see. Not stopping there, we will also ensure that your website is regularly updated with the latest keywords and it is in sync with Google's ever-changing algorithm.

Search engine marketing / Pay-per-click

Want your web ads to be shown to the right people at the right time and get the desired raise in your ROI? We, at VersionNext can help you get that with our exceptionally designed campaign, backed by research, experience, knowledge and logic. Whether your audience is using Google, Yahoo or Bing, our strategic ad placement and constant tracking helps derive the figures needed to fulfill the campaign objectives like more website visits, lower bounce rate, more leads or higher conversion.

Social media marketing

Social Media what we believe is not just about numbers. It's beyond that. It is all about building a two-way communication with your existing followers and turning the target audience into regularly engaging members. It's about creating a bond with your community by giving them a medium to share their experience, feedback and get to know your brand better. Combining in-depth insights, well-planned strategy, interactive content, exciting contests and clickable ads, we deliver an experience that makes your brand's social media presence an inspiring one.

email marketing

Connecting you with your desired target audience, build a strong bond with them and get the desired results is the only motive for us at VersionNext. On the same lines, we also believe in building lasting relations with you. So, we provide you with an all-round Email Marketing support. Right from planning and strategizing to creative execution and implementation, our expert and experienced team takes care of every aspect to accomplish the objectives. Considering the fact that your brand, objectives and target audience is unique, we prepare a plan that's exclusively tailored to your needs and requirements. Believing in communicating and not spamming, we also help you create a 'Double Opt In' user base for maximum ROI.

Online Reputation Management

It's your time, efforts, sweat and tears that have made your business what it is today. Over the years, you have sacrificed innumerable moments, occasions and events to fulfill your delivery commitments and build a reputation in the industry. As it's said 'No matter what you do, you can't make everyone happy', there are always a few people who are never satisfied and keep complaining. Today, when Customer Reviews on the web have become the base of people's choice, comments like 'I don't recommend' and 'Single Star' ratings can put your brand's reputation at stake. At VersionNext, we help you tackle such scenarios before they influence your future customers in an extremely professional way that ensures customer satisfaction, creates a sense of security and builds their trust in your brand.